Although there are charities in Tanzania providing cheap or donated glasses, the vast majority of people still find that cost is a key issue. This leads to problems with children’s’ education and negatively impact the productivity of workers who are often are self-employed. There are several reasons for this: the price of importing glasses into the country, the scarcity of medical professionals and the fact that glasses are not currently produced here. These are the key areas EyeSee is examining in order to provide more people with clear vision, whilst boosting the local economy. This problem is much more widespread than Tanzania, the solution proposed will be applicable to many other countries.



With screwless hinges, UVA resistant lenses, hypoallergenic materials the design of our glasses is durable yet cost-effective.


Our manufacturing process is being developed by a specialist team of engineers. It includes injection moulding of frames, bulk-producing cut lenses alongside various modifications made so that our process can be easily carried through in countries with less progressive manufacturing techniques.


We are using the latest virtual reality eye testing and telemedicine to ensure our customers get the best eye care at a fraction of the cost.

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