The New-Fangled Mangle

Globally, there is a lack of facilities for residents of informal settlements to wash and dry their clothes effectively. Residents reported problems with keeping themselves and their clothes keen to be a major concern. Furthermore, problems with damp and dirty clothes are a huge factor in preventing the treatment and facilitating the spread of disease such as scabies, bedbugs and lice. These diseases can develop serious complications if they are not treated accordingly, and are a huge issues in informal settlements across the world such as refugee camps.

This project will meet the need by designing an affordable, innovative and multi-use product that can be used to wash and dry clothes effectively. The design process evolves in accordance with the specific suggestions of people from informal settlements, volunteers and NGOs. Therefore, we conceived designs of a hand-powered washing machine which would use fire in order to heat up water to around 50 degrees. This way, germs and microorganisms such as the scabies mite will be killed. The product could also be used to spin dry clothes to some extent. Once emptied of water, the New Fangled Mangle will have the speed increased and ease the drying process. For the future, the product has the potential to incorporate many features (e.g. taps/shower-head type fixtures), enhancing the impact of the solution and giving potential for further development.

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