Breaking Intolerance

All around the world humans are becoming less tolerant of views that don’t align with their ideology. Even those who call themselves liberals are becoming more narrow minded and unwilling to engage in discussion with people who do not precisely conform to their political and social models.

I would like to propose an online chatroom that ranks individuals based on a tolerance score. Upon joining the platform users will be asked a polarising true-false question. A given chat session will then be formed of two pairs of members; each pair of members having different answers to the initial question. Two members in the session with different answers will then be participants while the other two are designated as observers. The aim of the session is for the participants to argue the merit of their view without appearing intolerant of the view of their counterpart. The observers are then tasked with critically reviewing the tolerance shown by the participant that they are more ideologically similar with. Participants and observers are subsequently scored based on the tolerance they showed throughout the whole exercise.

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