Debit card for homeless people

People are often reluctant to give homeless people cash due to them being unaware of what it may be spent on. Often homeless people are bought food instead, but this is can be very unhealthy.

A contactless debit card which only had access to the major supermarkets, with restrictions on what can be bought could be a way of getting around this problem. The card would interface with a website whereby people could “sponsor” particular homeless people so that they could buy food for the week. Balance requests could be done by text notifications or in-store.

This could then be extended to outdoor shops, so that homeless people can buy things like sleeping bags and warm coats.

Potential partners would be Jimmy’s Cambridge, the Big Issues, other homeless charities as well as supermarkets and probably an existing debit card company (to help with the technology).

Get in touch with ITIC at if you would like to take this project on.


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