Idea Submission

There is no such thing as a bad idea. Or is there?

We welcome all submissions of ideas here. Our goal is to bring people together and further projects which will bring about a social impact. If you have an idea but you lack a team, leave your contact details and a brief description of your idea here. We will post your idea on this page after reviewing it.

Your submission should outline the following:

  1. The problem that you’re trying to solve.
  2. The solution you propose.
  3. Where you want to take your idea.
  4. Any specific type of people you are looking for (i.e. coding skills).
  5. Optional fun fact about yourself.

To encourage the sharing of ideas, we want to give people the option to submit anonymous posts. 

If you are uncertain about your idea or not ready to commit to the extra workload during term time, post them here as inspiration to other people. Or just post it for a laugh!

To submit anonymously just leave the name fields blank. We require an email address for verification purposes but this will never be shared.

The committee will aim to review submissions regularly and keep this page up to date. 

It should take no longer than a week for your post to appear on our website.

An email will be sent back to you if we think that your submission has failed to meet the guidelines.

ITIC is only responsible for reviewing your submission so we will not edit your post. Inappropriate messages will result in the rejection of your submission.