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This page features a range of resources to help those interested in getting started with social innovation. Getting access to funding or finding contacts in project areas to speak with can seem mystifying at first, we hope that this page can help to overcome these barriers by presenting organisations that have been extremely useful to ITIC  in the past.

If you have any more questions about getting started, feel free to contact the team at

Project Guides

This set of documents guide you through the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Taking you through the history of the goals and providing practical guidance on how to get started in implementing them in your own projects. Also outlined are tools for planning, designing and developing SDG-focused strategies and a roadmap for sustainable development success. This guide will also benefit those who are working internationally and it has been written to reflect the universality of the SDG Agenda.

This is a document to outline the 17 SDGs on the agenda for 2030. It includes practical guidance on how to act upon these goals as well as how to measure your performance. The guide is aimed at every governmental level ranging from national to local and is a good place to get a more in depth insight into the agenda set to reach these SDGs. The guide is primarily written for:

  1. SDSN Member Institutions, notably universities
  2. Businesses trying to get oriented around the SDGs
  3. National and local policy makers responsible for thinking through the implementation of the SDG agenda 
  4. Citizens and civic groups

Development, Impact and You toolkit - West of England Academic Health Science Network

Struggling to generate ideas? Don’t know where to start? “DIY – Development, Impact & You” and their toolkit page are packed with ways to develop a plan, clarify your goals and priorities, and better engage with your primary stakeholders. Explore their 30 activities, each with a specific target to get you thinking about the issues that are preventing your project or ideas from progressing. Finally, the blog page contains many interesting stories from other social innovators about their experiences!

engineering for change logo - IEEE Innovation at Work

Engineering for Global Development is a practise aiming to improve the quality of life of communities across the world through the design and implementation of technologies effectively and appropriately. However, this requires not just technical, but also financial, socio-economic and political expertise. This modular learning framework by helps to plan, realise and sustain solutions in this complex field, for those both new to sustainable development or more experienced individuals looking for specific advice about how to grow their ventures.

Home | Ashoka | Everyone a Changemaker

A very useful resource for those with an identified social problem and need some guidance on a path to make their social enterprise successful. It is a well structured and interactive guide which walks one through many important and necessary questions that must be answered. It is advised to read the main 7 questions in the context page before delving into them more in depth individually.

Examples of successful projects

Field Ready | Info

An organisation meeting humanitarian and reconstruction aid needs with technology, design and engagement. Explore their numerous resources and case studies and learn about sustainable development from a well-respected non-profit

Innovation Award - empowering people. Network

A list of curated, objective information on products and solutions solving problems in WASH, energy, healthcare, education, agriculture and the COVID-19 response.

Engineering for Change - Wikipedia

A library of over 1000 ideas, projects and solutions for social innovation. A great source of inspiration!

Blue Tap - Centre for Global

Founded in 2017 by former ITIC members, Blue Tap is a technology company creating products to improve access to clean drinking water in low resource settings.

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